We offer a fresh start.
Car loans with debt consolidation and less
than 24 hours approval time.

Getgoing was founded to guide you through the challenging journey of trying to purchase a
new vehicle regardless of your credit situation. It won't be difficult for you to notice that we
love what we do: our primary goal is transparency, and our mission is to change the way you
perceive the auto loan industry.

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A New Experience

Have you ever felt betrayed by the Auto Loan industry? - Well, that's not unusual. After intense research, we found out that many companies were doing false advertising by showcasing impossibly low prices and working with low transparency. Customers had very little to no insight into the real numbers, which led to many disappointments and damaged credit scores.

That's the reason why we exist: we came to solve this issue. No hidden fees.

We give you truthful and complete information regarding every aspect of your loan application. From the beginning, you will know how much you pay for your vehicle, interest rate, and any additional costs that are usually “hidden” in plain sight.

Lien Payouts
Are you still owing on your loan? Whether you trade your vehicle in or decide to keep it if you have an outstanding loan, we will pay it off. Debt consolidation is also available, being able to pay off all your outstanding debt such as credit card debt and lines of credit.
Tax Exemption
To all current Indian status card holders will not be charged taxes. If you have lost your status card, we will get in contact with your band to confirm your situation for you.
All Trade-ins Accepted
Yes, it is true: we accept all automobiles, recreational vehicles and leisure vehicles on trade. Merely get the VIN and a couple of pictures over to us for a trade appraisal over the phone.

Unique Network

To buy a new car doesn't have to be a nightmare, so we made this process quite simple. Our secret? The unique relationships we build with our lenders.

We have a unique relationship with our lenders, and we’ve invested our time in researching their business practices. Our daily communication gives us the opportunity to fight for our customers. When you apply through Getgoing.ca, we know precisely which lender will approve your loan. By having this insight, we not only protect your credit score but also find the best solution.

We have a strict no hassle and no haggle policy.
We find the car you want, and get you the financing. We protect your interests; thus we defend ourselves.

Apply for a car loan. Get approved tomorrow!

Faster than you can shovel snow in front of your garage door.

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