About us

We offer a fresh start! Car loans with debt consolidation and <24hr approval time!

We care!

Getgoing.ca was created to help customers better understand the challenge of trying to purchase a new vehicle with damaged or no credit at all. We identified a problem in the current loan market with a lot of companies doing false advertising by showcasing impossibly low prices and working with low transparency where customers had very little to no insight into the real numbers which led to a lot of disappointments and damaged credit scores.

We are here to solve that issue!

We love what we do, and our main goal is transparency. Our mission is to change the way the auto loan industry is perceived by the public one customer at a time, and here’s how we will do it:

0% bureaucracy. 100% transparency.

Our goal is to present you with truthful and complete information regarding every aspect of your loan application. You will know how much you pay for your vehicle, interest rate, and any additional costs that are usually “hidden” in plain sight. We will make it very clear and simple from day 1.

We protect your interests, thus we protect ourselves.

When you submit an application for a loan, banks and financing companies make a “hard pull” when running a background check to confirm your information, every “hard pull” lowers your credit score by 5-10 points. Common practice for most loan companies is to send out your application to a lot of lenders in the same time in order to get you approved asap. Lenders initiate a “hard pull” and your credit score takes a big hit.

Not with us! We have a good standing relationship with our lenders and we’ve spent a lot of time learning and researching about their business practices. We phone, email or text our lenders every single day and fight for our customers. When you apply through us, we know exactly which lender will approve your loan. By having this insight we are able to protect your credit score and approve you in less than 24hrs in the same time.

We made car shopping fast and easy!

We have a strict no hassle and no haggle policy. We find the car you want, at the price you want and then we find the financing to make your dream of car ownership a reality. Forget about wasting your time visiting dealership after dealership. We’re here to simplify things.

A driven team of experts!

Once you’ve finished filling out the application one of our finance managers will reach out to you the same day with your approval. We understand you want to begin driving your new car as soon as possible. If you have any questions along the way – our experts will be happy to answer them. We can teach you how to:

  1. Rebuild your credit
  2.  Show you how to qualify for a car loan
  3.  Explain how to avoid bad credit in the future

We’re here to help you and provide you with any advice you need. Learning how the credit system works can be a little overwhelming, but we can walk you through everything. We’ll explain how credit scores change over time and we’ll also explain what a good score is versus a bad score. Contact us today so that we can begin the approval process