Cashback Loans

“Cash for daily expenses...or vacations!”

Here’s how it works:

Did you know that by applying through you have a chance to get up to 15,000$ cashback?

Cashback loan is a unique opportunity to find the car you need and reduce the burden of high interest debt at the same time. We know how difficult it can be to think about taking on new debt when you’re already struggling with existing debt, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you climb out from under the financial stress. And if that’s not a problem – you can book a flight to your favorite destination and enjoy cocktails on the beach all day long!

Debt Consolidation. Become debt free!

With a cashback car loan you can get rid of that high interest debt and have some cash left over for the things that you’ve been dreaming about. Are the kids heading to university in the next couple of years? Perhaps you want to invest in a new adventure on a different continent? Is your home in need of some repairs? Maybe you just want some cash to cover your daily expenses for a while? You can do whatever you want with the cashback money!


Up to 15,000$ cashback
Pay off high interest credit cards
Invest in RRSP’s
Pay off your child’s university
Go to a dream destination
Repair your home

You can have all of this within 24hrs! The application process is hassle free and our experienced and friendly finance experts will help you with every step of the process. Call us today so we can get started and you can begin a new chapter where you’re in control of your finances. It’s time to turn the page.