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Stars on Trustpilot

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Real Customer Reviews

Get going has been amazing. I have bought two vehicles from them now and they delivered them free of charge directly to my home once I made my mind up. Amazing service!
Keith Henderson
Truck shopping made easy. I get a new truck every 5 years, and I can’t stand talking to salesman at the dealership wasting hours on end getting the wrong information. These guys know what they are doing. They delivered a brand new Ram 3500 to me literally the next day with the exact options I was looking for and a banger of a deal.
Sarah Pricard
I have always been skeptical applying for anything online. A friend of mine recommended getgoing for my next vehicle. Literally the next day Tyler had me approved was sending me options on cars within my budget. My 2016 Honda Civic was delivered to me with a full tank of gas and I couldn’t be happier with the service.
Aaron Tabaski
My credit isn’t the best after going through a hard time from an injury at work. I had been applying at lots of other dealers and nobody could help me. I wasn’t even getting phone calls back, it’s like nobody wanted to help me because of the challenge. I don’t know how these guys did it, but man they are fast! I was literally driving a new car two days later.
Kayla Miskey
I just started vehicle shopping and was getting overwhelmed looking at vehicles online. I don’t have much time after work to shop around, and bringing kids to a dealership is chaos. Get going has been spectacular and very very gentle with the whole process. They delivered the vehicle to my house, I didn’t end up liking the way it drove and was really embarassed and felt bad sending it back. They went back to the drawing board and sent me up a brand new Dodge Journey two days later which I absolutely love love love.
Rick Olearey
Very good service and great vehicle selection. It’s like they never run out of options for you. Pretty hard to say no to these guys. Great deals and amazing service.

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